Personal Profile

Dr Steven Hall has over 35 years' experience in the nuclear safety industry. After completing his PhD in 1976 he began work in the UKAEA Safety and Reliability Directorate, initially looking at the physical phenomena associated with the depressurisation of water-cooled reactors. This included the behaviour of pressurised 2-phase systems and the phenomena associated with hydrogen production and combustion.

During this period he also did a lot of work understanding the behaviour of nuclear fuel transport flasks under hypothetical accident conditions, which included much experimental work.

After 1980 he was involved in several tasks in support of the Sizewell inquiry: he led a team looking at the protection against fire afforded by diversity in safety systems and also in the effects of hydrogen combustion on containment systems during a hypothetical accident.

By 1986 his team had grown to over 100 scientists and engineers involved in all aspects of safety in both nuclear and other industries. The team was responsible for maintaining expertise in areas as diverse as structural mechanics, environmental impact and mathematical methods.

Even though management responsibility continued to grow, Dr Hall was still in demand to provide expert advice to organisations such as IAEA and CEC and to manage major projects. He moved with part of AEAT Technology (the successor of the commercial parts of UKAEA, which was privatised in 1996) to RWE NUKEM in 2001. He left to form the Steven Hall Consulting in 2002.

As a consultant, Steven has worked for a number of major companies including Atkins, AMEC and Serco delivering safety consultancy to a number of companies nd sites including Sellafield, Dounreay, Westinghouse and EdF.