Experience: Safety Management

Safety Management Schematic

Society increasingly demands that safety should be as actively managed as other important aspects of a business despite it being seen by senior management as a charge against the bottom line with no little or no corresponding business benefit.

However, it can be shown that the effective managemnt of safety can bring many business benefits as well as costs through loss prevention, decreased insurance premiums and increased staff confidence.

From 1986 onwards I led a team of over 100 people involved in the development and application of safety management methods across all sorts of industries. Like all management processes, safety management is an iterative process (as shown in the diagram) where monitoring of effectiveness is fed back to modify safety policy, planning and implementation in order to increase safety to predetermined levels and to improve safety continuously over time.

I have personally been involved since 1986 in helping companies, particularly in the nuclear industry, to manage safety and have published papers in business conferences on the subject, for example "Safety Management - Policy, Analysis and Implementation", Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment, Cafe Royal, London, 1994 organised by IBC.