Experience: Safety Case Development

The development of safety cases for operations on nuclear controled sites is a complex task that invariably involves many people - those with intimate knowledge of the plant and proposed operation, those with expertise in relevant physical and chemical fields, those with experience of similar plant or operations ...

Decontamination operations

Often the process is made more difficult by the need to gain an understanding of underlying physical, chemical or engineering processes, gather data, develop methods or refine technologies as part of the process. Often the optimum way of achieving the goals of the project are not determined at the outset.

I have been involved since 1976 in helping companies, particularly in the nuclear industry, to develop safety cases for a wide range of operations. This has involved working with experts from many disciplines to develop optimal strategies (optioneering), to implement projects to generate the necessary physical understanding, data or methods and to facilitate or manage the development of the safety case itself. Often this has also involved providing support as the safety case is reviewed by the regulator.

As part of this process have participated in Optioneering and HAZOP meetings, developed Fault Schedules and HAZANs and undertaken Engineering Design Substantiation and ALARP assessments as well as writing the overall Safety Case documentation.