Experience: RBMK Reactors

Because of my involvement with and management of the International RBMK Safety Review I gained a detailed knowledge and understanding of the RBMK system and am now recognised as an expert on the system by Western and Eastern organisations.

There are 18 RBMK type reactors on five sites in Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Pictured left are Smolensk (Russia, 3 reactors), Kursk (Russia, 5 reactors - one not yet operational), Chernobyl (Ukraine, 4 reactors - 3 shut down, 1 destroyed in 1986), Ignalina (Lithuania - 2 reactors) and Leningrad (Russia - 4 reactors)

The first generation reactors have all now been recosntructed to extend their life. Durin this reconstruction, remaining post-Chernobyl safety improvements have been completed. Kursk unit 5 was under construction at the time of the Chernobyl accident. Construction stopped for a number of years whilst many safety improvements were incorporated into its design.