Experience: Eastern Europe

Since 1989 I have been involved in many projects in Eastern Europe, originally in the aftermath of the Chernogbyl accident and more recently as Western aid has increased to the nuclear industry in Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.

Initially I wsa involved in two IAEA missions to Russia and three to Romania. From 1992 onwards I managed the Internatoinal RBMK Safety Review, which lasted five years and involved 180 scientists and engineers in 11 countries.

Subsequently I was involved in propsals for the major international project at Chernobyl to stabilise the 'Shelter' (also known as the Sarcophagus) which encases the damaged fourth reactor, the new dry fuel store and other major projects plus smaller projects in the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

More recently, I managed a project on behalf of the European Union on the storage of spent nuclear fuel in North West Russia and a now involved in a further project in the region.